You are currently viewing ReInHerit Project presented at the sixth edition of MuseiEmotivi 2021 – Museo Galileo Florence IT

ReInHerit Project presented at the sixth edition of MuseiEmotivi 2021 – Museo Galileo Florence IT

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MICC organized the sixth edition of MuseiEmotivi at Galileo Museum Florence IT in the context of the NEMECH New Media for Cultural Heritage Competence Center of Tuscany Region on  15-17 September 2021 –  hybrid event.  (Italian Program PDF)

“Emotional Museums” is a Training Workshop which have been taking place in Italy since 2016 on the initiative of the MICC – the Media Integration and Communication Centre of the University of Florence, a member of NEMO – The Network of European Museum Organisation and the Working Group LEM – the Learning Museum, which focused on the topic of  Emotions and learning in museums in its annual report 2021.

MuseiEmotivi workshops include training sessions with talks by recognised scientists and experts from different disciplines, addressing the relationship between emotions and museums, and solutions for user engagement. They are taken inside Italian museums – physical locations that provide facilities and the opportunity for interactive lab sessions with proofs of concepts. A focused community and open-minded network of international experts and over 200 professionals has formed over the years, which shares ideas, best practice and the challenges of contemporary museums, looking at museums as user-centered dynamic and social spaces where both digital and physical tools harmonise with each other to improve knowledge transfer and audience engagement and remove any accessibility constraints.

ReinHerit project was introduced at the 6th Edition of the interdisciplinary training course for museum professionals “MuseiEmotivi” with a talk on “ReInHerit Project: new models of cooperation and cultural sustainability” with short insights by some partners of the ReInHerit’s Consortium. The event was attended by in-person and online participants, including tutors and experts from national museums, cultural heritage professionals, national authorities, and stakeholders.

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