Meet The Team

Our Organisation

Graz Museum, founded in 1928, is the culture-historical museum of the city of Graz. Its collections and exhibitions reflect upon the history of the city, with a focus on urbanity and related topics, the contemporary city and its future, enhancing public participation, and exploring social and political themes concerning the community. It has been nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award 2014 for its permanent exhibition “360 GRAZ”, which has recently been made available also as an extensible digital exhibition alongside various other digital formats. The Stadtmuseum Graz GmbH consists of two institutions, the Graz Museum and the Municipal Archive Graz. Together they build the “Centre for City and City History”. Since 2020 the Graz Museum has two exhibition spaces: one in the historic city center (Graz Museum) and one on the Schlossberg (Graz Museum Schlossberg), a central and representative location in Graz.

Our Team Members

Sibylle Dienesch
Sibylle Dienesch is part of the CEO team of the Stadtmuseum Graz GmbH (Graz Museum, Graz Museum Schlossberg and Municipal Archive of Graz) since 2006 and Vice Director since 2014. She was and is (co-)curator and (co-)editor of different exhibition projects, e.g. “Graz –Open City (2014)”, “Right in the Middle of it. Living with impairment” (2016), “Looking at Graz!” (2018) and recently “The City as Data Field” (ongoing). Moreover as project sponsor her field of responsibilities concerns various digital and non-digital projects at the Graz Museum. She is mainly responsible for the Digital Strategy of the Graz Museum.
Antonia Nussmüller
Antonia Nussmüller is Digital Manager and Research Associate at the Graz Museum. As project manager of various digital projects she is responsible for the field of “Digital Museum Practice”, e.g. digital curation or digital content and collection management. Moreover she contributes as primary researcher in the scientific project “Becoming Urban - Reconstructing the City of Graz in the long 19thcentury” and is responsible for the collaborative online archive “topotheque Graz”. She is part of the digital strategy and digital transformation team.