Consorzio Materahub

About this Organization

Materahub is a strategic design hub working to foster local development by promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, networking and cross-fertilization.

The experience of Materahub professional team is focused on culture and creative sector, cultural heritage, tourism, social innovation, innovation in education and enterprise and all those economic sectors which are relevant for the growth and wealth of the community. These sectors have been supported in the last 10 years by tailored capacity building programs, research & development actions, innovation pilot projects based on cross-fertilization between sectors (specially creative driven initiatives). Materahub is working on:

  • Fostering innovation in education
  • Implementing a community of practice around EntreComp framework in Italy and Europe
  • Training for public and private bodies to stimulate change and innovation
  • Supporting arts, culture and creativity in all its form – Coaching and tutoring for artists and creative industries (development of managerial and entrepreneurial skills)
  • Supporting Creative and Cultural operators to transform their projects into sustainable economic activities
  • Promoting the cross-fertilization of arts, culture and creativity with other sectors of society, community and economy – Supporting Cultural Centres and Museum at regional level to connect and enter into EU networks to promote competencies, resources and people exchanges
  • ICT applied to Cultural sector – EU funded project design, management, monitoring – Supporting the Food sector in accessing internationalization opportunities
  • SMEs consulting in the tourism sector and cultural economy – Start-ups – Sustainable development, environment and circular economy

Team Members

Director of Materahub

Director of Materahub, project manager of EU funded projects since 2008. Since 2010, I have been working on capacity building actions for the Creative and Cultural sector and support to young entrepreneurs and startups in the cultural and social sector. Since 2014, I have worked on cross-fertilization between arts and other sector of economy, society and culture.

I am actively working on the topic of internationalization and networking at EU level for the Creative and Cultural sector. I am researching the model of European Capitals of Culture as labs to support CCIs development.

Since 2016, I have been the person in charge of bringing Materahub in European networks among which the European Creative Business Network, Creative Business Cup Network, European Creative Hubs Network. In this network, I have worked with EC Science HUB JRC on a pilot project to discover how creative hubs can become places to co-design policies to support youth employment through the Creative and Cultural sector.

In 2018, I started a new project focused on supporting faculties of arts & humanities on developing new spaces for innovation, entrepreneurship education for students and academic staff, cross -fertilization with companies. Since 2020, I have been an advisor of the European Commission for EU4Business program supporting CCIs in Eastern Partnership Countries.